About BaaS

What is the difference between appiaries and rival BaaS services?
Most rival services charge based on the number of API requests or the amount of transferred data in addition to disk capacity. appiaries does not charge based on either of these variables, and you can estimate the cost easily.
What kinds of alternative services can be substituted for BaaS?
The following services can be used to substitute for BaaS
・Rental server
・IaaS including Amazon EC2
・PaaS including Google App Engine and Windows Azure
・SaaS including Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Docs (Only those SaaS providers that serve the same purpose as BaaS)
What is the difference between BaaS and its alternative services?
or some alternative services such as IaaS and PaaS, you must develop and administer an application on the server side to use the API. For BaaS, ready-made APIs and applications are provided, and you need not develop and administer an application on the server side to use the API. As for SaaS, since ready-made applications for specific usage are provided, SaaS is less flexible in usage terms compared to BaaS.

Example applications for appiaries

Can we build an SNS-like mobile application?
appiaries has a user authentication function and issues an individual user ID for a mobile application after authentication and authorization. If you use this user ID, you can build a mobile application similar to SNS. Note that social functions such as social graphs need to be developed on your own.
Can we build a blog-like mobile application?
Because appiaries has a user authentication function, you can create a blog-like system where, for example, only authenticated and authorized users can post blog articles and publicly disclose them. Please note, however, that appiaries does not offer functions for using and generating trackbacks and RSS feeds, and these must be implemented as required.
Can we use appiaries to create a photo sharing application similar to Instagram?
appiaries has a user authentication function and a link function between users and datastore to allow the storage of photo files linked to each user. This feature can be used to build a photo sharing application.
Can we build a link function to other CMSs such as Word Press?
I’m afraid you can’t. Standard APIs such as the Word Press API and XML-RPC are not supported.

Mobile application development

Which program languages can be used?
You can use appiaries by accessing REST API via the Internet. You can use any programming language provided it supports HTTP communication.
Which program languages are recommended?
The REST API for appiaries uses the JSON format for transferring data. We recommend languages that can construct and parse JSON format data.
Is an SDK for iOS provided?
Yes. Please refer documents
Is an SDK for Android provided?
Yes. Please refer documents
Is an SDK for JavaScript provided?
The exceptionally user-friendly REST API is already provided, hence no SDK is provided. For your information, as a sample, we provide a document showing how to build a mobile application using jQuery Mobile.
Can jQuery Mobile be used along with appiaries?
Yes, it can. For your information, as a sample, we provide a document showing how to build a mobile application using jQuery Mobile.
Can we set up separate development and deployment environments?
appiaries offers no distinction between development and deployment environments.
We have built a server using PHP and MySQL. Can we migrate to appiaries?
Datastore is a document-oriented database that handles data using the JSON format. It lacks a database structure like RDBMS or an interface like SQL. Consequently, you cannot migrate data as-is. Please check how it can be worked out with the datastore trial for free.
Can appiaries be used as a Web server?
Although appiaries does not offer a Web server function, it can store contents such as HTML files and image files.

Price, quality, and restriction *These are not officially decided.

Where is the location of the data center for appiaries?
The data center is located in Japan.
What is the plan for future development and enhanced appiaries functionality?
For information about the development and improvement of appiaries functionality, we are planning to update our blog and social media as required.
Is there any limitation to the number of the API requests per day?
There is no limit number, but no guarantee the number of the access at the same time.
How can the actual cost be calculated?
The charge for the standard plan is based on your disk capacity. For information about our price plans, please click here. Generally speaking, in addition to the fee incurred by the contract with appiaries, developing and administering a mobile application is expected to be chargeable.
Do you offer an optional service level agreement (SLA)?
No, but we have established a 24/7 manned monitoring and support service in case failure occurs.
Do you offer compensation when the service is interrupted?
No, we don’t have any compensation scheme.
Is data stored with redundancy?
Data is stored with redundancy and backed up periodically.
If hardware failure occurs, how long will it take to recover the service?
Redundancy is used for the API and database so that those services remain active, even if hardware failure occurs. As for the administrator’s site, if hardware failure occurs, the service may be stopped during recovery work such as replacing equipment because redundancy is not used for the administrator’s site.
Is there any additional cost other than the access charge?
You need to access the administrator’s site via the Internet, hence you have to pay for your Internet connection as well as the access charge.
How can appiaries be scaled up or out when the number of users has increased?
appiaries charges based on disk capacity. When disk usage has increased and the assigned disk capacity is insufficient, you can increase it by requesting additional disk space.


Can contents be easily administered, even by non-engineers or non-programmers?
Data editing and file uploading are done in the browser-based administrator’s web site. You need not connect via SSH or FTP to upload files and can administer contents easily even if you are not an engineer or programmer.
Can data be exported?
Yes, we provide a data export function.
Can data be imported?
No, we do not provide a data import function.
Can we back up data to a local device?
No, we do not offer a function to allow backing up of data to a local device.
Do you offer a mechanism of access control for data and files.
Not for each data or file but for each collection (of data and files), access control can be set.


Can we incorporate the authentication function of Facebook or Twitter?
Yes you can. Please refer documents


Is data communication encrypted?
Both the API and the administrator’s site can only use encrypted SSL communication (HTTPS communication).
Are there any security measures against illegal access?
Even if, by any chance, a third party signs in through illegal access, the password cannot be changed unless an email sent to a pre-registered email address is processed. If the email address is changed, in addition to sending an email to the new address for reception confirmation, notification of the email address change is sent to the old address. Users themselves can detect illegal email address changes.